About us

About us

Despite different origins and life trajectories, destiny led us to attend the same Interior Design course. Mutual affinity led us to form a partnership, whose professional skills complement each other perfectly.

And so, united by the same dream, the same ambition and an immense desire to express our passion, Poeta & Sereno was born!!!

We create beautiful and personal spaces, bright and harmonious, distinct and with character, functional, welcoming and…. Unique. We transforme a mere “Home” into a “Welcoming Hug”, to which we always yearn to return.

We welcome nature into our environments, with all its characteristic energy. We recognize the nobility of its elements and the connection it brings into our life. Art, the result of creative minds and hands, will always have a main role by including it as a prominent element, thus transforming the common into exclusive.

It is with commitment and total dedication that we embrace each project, making it unique and special. If we have managed you to convey the feeling of welcome and inspiration, here we will always be available to help and welcome you with open arms!

Fabiana Poeta & Madalena Sereno


Provide well-being and comfort, with original and creative projects, exceeding customer expectations. Transform homes into unique and soulful ones, taking into account the fluidity of energy and connection with nature.


Be a reference in the area of ​​decoration and design, due to its professionalism and originality.


Solidity, professionalism, creativity; quality; personalization; ethic; connection with nature (natural elements)

what we do

Poeta & Sereno is a company, focused especially on interior design and decoration, as well as residential and commercial remodeling projects. With detailed service, focused on meeting customer needs and personal tastes, whilst including our brand in each project, what we believe to be beautiful, functional and harmonious, using natural materials, with the aim to present a result that has refinement, comfort and functionality. We can highlight at Poeta & Sereno, the creativity, good taste and the attention in choosing every detail from the construction to the last decoration items.

We always try to impress clients so that when they enter their home, they fall in love, feel good and see themselves living and being happy in it, or as a form of investment and make your property profitable.

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